LAC: A Millennial City Dweller is the personal blog of Lauro A. Caliva, a Filipino millennial who believes that real learning and real challenges are found outside the university. It was launched on December 04, 2016 as part of the author’s celebration of his 25th year on Earth with the theme “Lauro A. Caliva at 25: Choosing Happiness and Celebrating Life.”


Lauro Anarista Caliva is a linguaphile and an environmental educator. He was born in Metro Manila in the year when Fidel V. Ramos was elected as president. He studied in a pontifical Catholic university, and served as a writer and editor of a student publication for pre-service teachers. After his undergraduate studies, he served as publications adviser in a non-sectarian school, worked as a teacher in a Catholic school, and attended graduate classes in a state university.

Lauro loves Westlife and A1 songs, science fiction and adventure novels, fantasy TV series and movies, pizza and lasagna, and natural science and communication books. He is also interested in reading anything about educational research, Catholic theology, and leadership and management. He maintains a dynamic life by working in the Philippines, reading Earth and Life Science materials, writing about everything he loves, and helping a student publication.