‘Encantadia’ Finale Ruled NUTAM Ratings, Twitter, and YouTube PH

The epic fantasy series Encantadia 2016/2017 aired its explosive and memorable finale last May 19, 2017 (Friday). Its final episode ranked No. 1 in its prime timeslot and on Twitter universe. The last battle of the four kingdoms against the force of Ether and Hagorn shook the magical world and brought earthquake-like intensity to the viewers’ houses.

The great battle took place along the shorelines of Lireo where various explosions happened and many lives ended. At the battleground, Sanggre Alena finally defeated Andora of Etheria, King Ybrahim (Ybarro) successfully brought his vengeance against Asval of Sapiro, and Aquil defeated Juvila of Etheria. Unfortunately, Alena’s Adamyan warrior-lover was not as fortunate as Wantok. Before the viewers shifted focus on what was happening to Ether, the nation witnessed Alena’s official recognition of the Adamyan’s love for her.

The episode also showed that Lilasari and Amarro fighting with Lireo, Sapiro, and Hathoria alongside with the warrior pricesses and the army against Ether’s and Hagorn’s knights.

Meanwhile, Hagorn already found out that it was Asval who killed his father. However, King Ybrahim already killed Asval and there was no other way for Hagorn’s vengeance. In the middle of the fight scene, Ariana finally fulfilled the prophecy on Amihan when she striked the blue sword through Hagorn. Hagorn’s death was completely brought when he was stabbed by Prince Raquim straight into the heart. Ariana was able to win back the jewel of the wind and the jewel of life prior to her death in the arms of King Ybrahim.

Aside from Ariana (Amihan), Muyak was also killed during the battle.

Back to the beaches, Queen Pirena, Queen Danaya, and Princess Alena bravely fought Ether using the combined powers of their magical jewels. The three warrior pricesses greatly wounded the goddess. The defeat of the weakened Ether was brought by Emre when she was cursed to become an ordinary snake.

The good kingdoms of Lireo, Sapiro, Hathoria, and Adamya victoriously ended the battle. After the battle, the viewers witnessed the official declaration of Cassiopea as a new goddess of Devas; the double wedding celebrations of Pirena and Azulan, and Danaya and Aquil; the complete recovery of Lira with the help of Cassiopea’s divine powers; the childhood of the offsprings of the warrior pricesses; the crowning of Alena as the new queen of Lireo; the cameo appearance of the original Amihan 2016; and Raquim’s visit to the tree of Queen Mine-a.

Before 9 PM of the final night, a sequence on a possible sequel of the series was shown. In the clip, an ice owl was spying across the beaches of Lireo, and eventually returned to an icy castle far from the four traditional territories of Encantadia. At the terrace, the owl landed on the arms of an ice queen which introduced herself as a sister of Cassiopea. The ice queen expressed her upcoming conquest of Encantadia at the right time.

The final episode of Encantadia 2016/2017 registered an AGB NUTAM rating of 13.80 %, 1.9 points ahead of the rival TV network’s  FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano . The show’s #IvoLiveEncantadia was listed as the Number 1 top trending topic in the Philippines and worldwide 1-2 hours after the airing of the episode. On May 21, 2017, one clip from the final episode ranked Number 1 on the list of the trending YouTube videos in the Philippines.

To watch the full final episode in HD, watch GMA Network’s  Encantadia 2016/2017 on iflix. 


Images of Encantadia Finale 2017 – Retrieved from  http://www.pep.ph/guide/agb/26105/how-did-emencantadiaem-finale-fare-in-agb-ratings and http://www.youtube.com


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