My 5 Favorite Francis Aglabtin Videos on YouTube

Francis Aglabtin has been making a name in the hearts of GMA Network viewers since he won as the 1st Ultimate Champion   of Lola’s Playlist. This 10-year-old boy from San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan is regularly seen every Saturday as a member of Eat Bulaga’s Broadway Boys, a group of 4 young gentlemen who sing the classic songs of OPM icons. But even in the group singing part, the voice of Francis undeniably outshines the voices of Joshua Lumbao of Baguio City, former The Voice Kids contestant Joshua Torino, and Benedict Aboyme of Cavite. After many unforgettable Saturday performances on the Eat Bulaga stage, I became addicted in listening to Aglabtin’s Lola’s Playlist and amateur singing contest performances via YouTube. Soon, the songs became permanent part of my relaxation playlist.

Among all the Francis Aglabtin videos uploaded on the world wide web, I have considered 5 of them as the best footages of the adorable boy’s talent.

Number 5. You’ll Never Walk Alone

The video shows Francis singing one of Frank Sinatra’s popular hits in the 1960’s. The performance marks Aglabtin’s 8th win in the Lola’s Playlist segment of Eat Bulaga. The video was uploaded by julie ann on September 12, 2016, and registered more than 510 000 views, 3 000 likes, and 900 comments since its appearance on YouTube. 

Number 4. Bridge Over Troubled Water

This performance marked his victory of claiming the title as the 1st Hall of Fame of Eat Bulaga’s Lola’s Playlist. This another upload from julie ann attracted more than 440 000 views, 2 000 likes, and 700 comments since September 26, 2016.

Number 3. Impossible Dream 

This is Francis’ beautiful rendition of an inspiring Matt Monro classic. This another julie ann upload recorded more than 101 000 views, more than 600 likes, and more than 100 comments from September 01, 2016 until July 18, 2017. I pesonally like this song because the high notes that the boy hit match the emotions that he showed to all present in the New Broadway Centrum. It is also a motivational song to remind everyone to keep on chasing their dreams.

Number 2. If I Never Sing Another Song

Another Matt Monro classic performed by Francis on the Lola’s Playlist stage with a few adjusted arrangements with the notes. This is one of his most competitive performances because everything that he could vocally offer can be well-observed by both the judges and the audience. Francis’ version literally displaced Monro’s version from my musical memory. This wonderful performance was uploaded by Eat Bulaga on their official YouTube channel and has been attracting more than 106 000 views, more than 700 likes, and more than 70 comments.

Number 1. May Bukas Pa 

There are two versions uploaded on YouTube. The first version is a performance done at an invitational singing contest for a birthday party in Montalban, Rizal. The video shows Francis soulfully singing his rendition of the iconic OPM hit with gradual hitting of notes towards the end part of the performance number. This video, uploaded by misteraj23 on August 07, 2016, has a record of more than 110 000 views and over 180 comments as of July 18, 2017.

On the other hand, the second version is a performance done in an amateur singing contest sponsored by Barangay Malalay in Balayan, Batangas. Based on the audio of the video, this is a footage of Francis prior to winning the championship of Eat Bulaga’s Lola’s Playlist. A certain Oliver De Leon recorded the performance using a gadget with low resolution camera yet Aglabtin’s voice still sounded magnificent. This performance that already attracted more than 38 000 views, more than 400 likes, and more than 74 comments is so far the highest version that Francis ever sang in front of an audience.

Francis “Biboy” Aglabtin has a rare vocal gift from God developed by his family, by his experiences in all singing contests that he attended, and by the Eat Bulaga production team. I know that the high pitch of his voice will not remain forever  because of puberty. Whatever adjustment that Francis will do in response to his growth and development, I hope that he will be able to transition successfully just like what Charlie Green, Darren Espanto, and Sam Concepcion did when they experienced the same stage in their singing career.

Those are my 5 favorite Francis Aglabtin videos uploaded on YouTube. Do you also like the videos included in this list? Have you heard of Francis Aglabtin live? If you want to listen to all of the performances that I included in this Top 5 list, click each video below:


Images and Videos of Francis Aglabtin – Retrieved from


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