Maine Mendoza and Her Paulinian Identity

The TV performances of Maine Mendoza has been the talk of the towns of netizens since Wednesday. The stage performances are collaborations with Mr. Ryan Agoncillo and professional street dancers for #DabarkadsGoals , an anniversary contest of Eat Bulaga! Many people thought that the performances would just be as ordinary as her previous production numbers but reality was once again proven to be stranger than expectations. Maine Mendoza did many cheerdance stunts on live national television with the Alarma hit dance of 1998 played in the background. Mendoza not only received standing ovation from the judges and the audience, her Team RaMen’s first performance became the Number 1 trending topic on YouTube Philippines. As of this afternoon, Maine Mendoza and the rest of Team RaMen are the official grand champions of the special anniversary contest.
On social media platforms, people describe Maine as a humble celebrity who would suddenly blow your mind with naturality and hidden talents. From my perspective, I did not only sense Maine as a TV and social media personality but a reflection of the Paulinian excellence in the performing arts and the English language. For a long time, many Paulinians showcased their talents in singing, dancing, acting, and hosting, regardless on whether they ventured into the creative professions or the hard sciences.

During the National and International SPC Educators’ Congress held in St. Paul College Pasig in 2016, a professional from the host school presented a paper about their Paulinians. If I could remember it right, part of the results show that Paulinians tend to excel more in the performing arts. The research results echo the papers published in St. Paul University Quezon City and the other St. Paul University System members about the track record of most of their alumni over the years. Maine Mendoza, an alumnus of St. Paul School of Sta. Maria and St. Paul College of Bocaue, mirrors the Paulinian strengths.

Maine Mendoza is a creative millennial who became an online sensation in 2015 due to her Dubsmash videos. In the same year, she maintained a blog and joined Eat Bulaga! where she was accidentally paired with Alden Richards for AlDub. Throughout 2015, Maine and Alden’s fictional AlDub love team took the Phlippines and social media by storm through record-breaking number of tweets and year-long high TV ratings. Aside from her popular Dubsmash performances, she also won a Best Supporting Actress trophy from MMFF 2015 and starred in a blockbuster romantic-comedy film with Alden Richards. She also had performances in a Sunday comedy variety show and a primetime romantic-comedy TV series on GMA Network. This year, aside from singing, dancing, and hosting on Eat Bulaga! from Monday until Saturday, she also continues to appear on various TV commercials.

I still can’t get over of Maine’s Eat Bulaga! performances this week. Once again, she made me and the other AlDub supporters more excited to see what she can offer to the viewers. I believe that she will be able to bring more to the entertainment industry and will be able to sustain her popularity for a long time. I believe so because she is a Paulinian and a Paulinian will never cease to be timeless and relevant whether it is in the academe or outside the academe.



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