My 10 Favorite Saturday Performances of the Broadway Boys


The Broadway Boys of Eat Bulaga! become better singers every week. The noontime show is really serious in developing the young boys’ vocal abilities and stage performances. The group is packaged as the youngest singing boy group of the New Broadway Centrum after the first season of Lola’s Playlist segment. The creative team of the longest noontime show made Saturdays as the concert days of the group with a special guest singer.

Since the Broadway Boys had enough number of live performances that may be included in any list of top stuff, here are my top 10 favorite Saturday performances of Joshua Torino, Joshua Lumbao, Benidict Aboyme, and Francis Aglabtin:

10. Broadway Boys with Rico Puno

09. Broadway Boys Sings Broadway Hits

08. Broadway Boys with Wency Cornejo and Tony G.

07. Broadway Boys with Aegis

06. Broadway Boys with Tito, Vic, and Joey

05. Broadway Boys with Marco Sison

04. Broadway Boys with Hajji Alejandro

03. Broadway Boys  with Anthony Castello

02. Broadway Boys with Raymond Lauchengco

01. Broadway Boys with Basil Valdez

My most favorite live performances are those production numbers of the Broadway Boys with Mr. Basil Valdez and Mr. Raymond Lauchengco. I like the boys’ collaboration with the aforementioned OPM icons because of the beauty of the melody and lyrics of the songs, the relaxing and joyful feelings that I experience everytime I press the replay button, the number of opportunities of each group member to become a soloist, and the excellent group singing of the members. Among the 10 performances, I feel more LSS moments whenever the hits of Lauchengco and Valdez play in the air.

I hope that you agree with my top 10 list. I want to know about your own list of anything about the EB Broadway Boys. I’m sure that you also became hooked on these young boys every time you replay their Eat Bulaga! performances. If they were able to capture our eyes and hearts to their stage prowess, I’m sure that they have more surprising performances in the next Saturdays.


Note: All the videos and images included in this blog post were downloaded from the official YouTube channel of Eat Bulaga! 


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